Category: Pay Per Click (PPC)

Ad Copy

Ad copy, short for advertisement copy, pertains to text on the internet written for paid advertisements typically on PPC or Social Media campaigns. In regards to PPC ad copy takes the form of the meta description. For Social Media, it pertains to the copy that is written for the post on the social account.


This is a PPC management site for Google. Here you set up campaigns, ad copy, and bid on keywords that you’d like to run ads on. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Best practice is to develop dedicated landing pages for these campaigns.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

This term refers to the rate at which a search ad or other types of online marketing items are clicked on. It is typically expressed as a percentage e.g. the click through rate for the Google ad was 2%. This means 2% of the people who saw the ad clicked on it.   Takeaway Make …

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Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

This is the cost that is required to acquire one new customer. To calculate this value, you can divide the total campaign cost by the number of conversions from that campaign.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost Per Click (CPC) refers to the actual price you pay for each click in your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. This pertains to PPC campaigns typically as a goal is to get the lowest CPC as possible. CPC is determined by Google Adwords in everything from CTR, landing page copy/SEO areas, ad copy and more.

Enhanced Bidding

Google Adwords feature that allows Adwords to adjust users bidding to increase conversions.


Typically used when referring to paid advertising. An impression is counted each time an ad is visible on a page thus referring to when an ad is seen.

Landing Page Optimization (LPO)

Landing Page Optimization, also known as LPO, is the process by which you optimize a customized landing page to increase conversions.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

The list of websites you receive upon entering a keyword string query into a search engine. Google tends to test many different elements on these pages: how many ads to show, local listings, product scroller, image search, sidebar ads, etc.