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Anchor Text

The text within which a hyperlink is embedded that is visible to the user. For example, in the string, “WebInFive is a Limassol web design firm,” the anchor text is “Limassol web design firm”.


What Are Backlinks? Backlinks (also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one way links”) are links from one website to a page on another website. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks “votes” for a specific page. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings. There …

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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a practice against search engine guidelines, used to get a site ranking higher in search results. These unethical tactics don’t solve for the searcher and often end in a penalty from search engines. Black hat techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks. Similar Terms: Spamdexing


Blog is short for web log. They are logs of entries on specific topics that relate to areas of expertise of the writer. They range from expressing opinions, expressing data, reviewing products or services, and more. It is a part of most websites where the company/owner of the website curates new content around areas of …

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Blog Tags

A way to associate groups of content and easily access associated content, frequently used in Blogs.


When an HTML call link is embedded within text or an image, and, upon selection, the user is prompted to dial the phone number that is hyperlinked. An example of this would be the main office number for WebInFive.


These are target phrases that people enter into search engines. Understanding the best keywords that will drive traffic to your company or organization is very important. Keyword analysis is the process of researching and determining what keywords are most important by reviewing how often phrases are searched for, how competitive they are and other factors.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is an online marketing strategy made up of smaller sub-strategies, like keyword research and link building, that help your website rank at the top of organic, unpaid search engine results pages. Also referred to as natural SEO, is a phrase referring to gaining natural placement on a search engine. This is an alternative …

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Web Spider

Search engines use spiders to crawl linked pages of a website to index them and determine their rankings in regards to search terms.