Category: Error Messages

404 Error Message

This is the message that users receive when they land on a webpage that has been removed. Old URLs remain indexed by search engines, thus users have a chance at landing on pages that you have already removed from your website. You are able to create a custom 404 error message stating that “this page …

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Bounce Code

A three-digit code sent back to the server when an email bounces (cannot be delivered). A code beginning with four shows a bounce is temporary, a code beginning with five means the bounce is permanent.

Email Bounce

A rejection of an email to a user. A bounce code is generated upon the occurrence of an email bounce, providing information on why the email was rejected.

Email Deliverability

The deliverability of an email describes the likelihood a sent email actually reaches the attention of a recipient.

HTTP Status Code

This code expresses the meanings of responses from the web server when computers are communicating information to each other. The code is 3 digits with different meanings depending on the number. Responses are grouped in five classes: Informational responses (100–199) Successful responses (200–299) Redirects (300–399) Client errors (400–499) Server errors (500–599)   Information responses 100 …

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