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Return on Investment (ROI)

The strategy through which you measure the performance of an investment relative to other investments. This figure is calculated by dividing generated revenue by total investment costs.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Agreement made between a company and a client featuring tasks such as software and security updates that are performed on a monthly or quarterly basis. These include items such as site monitoring, performing updates (e.g. content management system software Drupal and WordPress), backups, Google Analytics reporting, as well as more advanced assignments such as server …

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WHAT ARE THE FIVE SMART GOALS? The SMART acronym outlines a strategy for reaching any objective. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and anchored within a Time Frame.   1. SMART GOALS ARE SPECIFIC Saying you “want to earn more” is too vague. Instead, pick a number for how much money you want to …

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Triple Bottom Line (TBL)

A business framework that considers social, environmental and financial performance. TBL is derived from an accounting term for the “bottom line,” which is the financial profit or loss in an organization, usually found on the very bottom line on a revenue reports.

Voice of the Customer

A term used to describe the process of collecting customer feedback and utilizing it to improve their experience.


Webinar stands for web seminar. Virtual seminars give users the flexibility to be in their home or place of work and still be present to learn new things and hear about the latest trends in their industry. It allows for a greater audience and cheaper cost compared to in-person seminars while also leading to increased …

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