Category: Agile

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

A minimum viable product (MVP) is where a new website is developed with enough features to satisfy early users and then provide feedback for future enhancements.

Project Management

This is a critical part of every website project, especially ones that include extensive functionality. Project managers play an important role in a variety of ways such as specifying: goals, requirements, schedule, budget and the Project Planning. They also often are responsible for completing Definition deliverables such as sitemaps, wireframes, and functional specifications as well …

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Project Plan

This is the operating document for completing a website or Internet marketing project. It is based on the 4 phase process: Define, Design, Develop, Deploy. This uses a ‘Waterfall’ project management process where each action item and phase follows the other, one after the other.   Takeaway Make sure you understand what is included in …

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Waterfall Project Management

This refers to a Project Management process whereby each phase follows another until the completion of a project, specifically first Define, then Design, Develop, and Deploy. It is considered a more practical, less time-consuming process than Agile but also limits the amount of creativity and ability to make substantive changes during the course of the …

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